MatJack has the only 5-year Unconditional Warranty in the Industry
  • Medium Pressure Air Lifting Cushions

    Matjack Medium Pressure Lifting Cushions require only 1-3 inches clearance and can lift several tons at the push of a button.

    Matjack Medium Pressure Lifting Cushions work best in cantilever or "hinged" style lifts, but can also be used for vertical lifting if rigged correctly so lateral movement of the weight being lifted is restricted.

    Matjack medium pressure cushions work on volume rather than pressure to create the lift, working at 15 psi / 1 bar of pressure and can lift as much as 35,000 lbs up to 40 inches, which is the major difference between low and medium pressure cushions, both provide increased height for accessibility with the medium pressure lifting a lot more weight due to the higher operating pressure.

    Matjack medium pressure cushions, unlike the high pressure air lifting bags, lift the weight they are rated for the full height of the cushion.

    Matjack medium pressure cushions are made with Kevlar/ Aramid fiber reinforced Neoprene for unmatched durability and strength, which is why they are the number one choice for medium pressure equipment among rescue squads, civil defense and military agencies worldwide.

    Matjack medium pressure cushions not only come in 9 standard sizes, they can be made to meet any customer's individual needs.

    Matjack has a fully staffed custom manufacturing division, let us give you a quote on your project!

    Matjack medium pressure cushions have a 2 year waranty, but with normal care and maintenance, they should work well over 20 years trouble free.

    All Matjack airlifting bags are CE certified and Matjack is an ISO9001/2008 registered company.

  • 8400 Med Pressure 1

    8400lb Medium pressure Kevlar/ Neoprene lifting cushion. Lifts 8400lb / 3800kgs at 14psi / 1 bar

  • 13000lb Med Pressure

    13000lb Medium pressure Kevlar/ Neoprene lifting cushion. Lifts 13000lb / 5960kgs at 14psi / 1 bar

  • 18000lb Med Pressure

    18000lb Medium pressure Kevlar/ Neoprene lifting cushion. Lifts 18900lb / 8582kgs at 14psi / 1 bar

  • 33600lbs Med Pressure

    33600lb Medium pressure Kevlar/ Neoprene lifting cushion. Lifts 33600lb / 15258kgs at 14psi / 1 bar

  • mj18000dk

    Each Matjack Medium Pressure Air Lifting Cushion Kits include 2 medium pressure cushion, control, hoses, carry case and repair kit