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Low Pressure Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Natural Rubber type "C" inflatable pipe plugs The "C" Inflatable pipe plugs are fabricated form the finest quality- Natural rubber and are totally vulcanized. No adhesives or cements are ever used. Bladders are then encased in a 100% Polyester cloth cover. All cover seams are triple sewn. The thickness of the rubber and polyester cloth vary according to the size of each plug. Every plug is expertly manufactured to insure a snug fit thus assuring a secure shut-off of the pipe when inflated. All inflating valves and fittings are Brass and Stainless Steel and are standard with each type "C" plug. No parts can rust. 0-15 lb. (1bar) air pressure gauges are required to insure plugs are not over inflated which can be furnished upon request


Multi Size Dome Head Industrial Pipe Plugs

The safest, most versatile multi-size Domehead Plug ever. Totally new form end to end, this plug is the most advanced is design technology. It will allow you to do the job safety and efficiently.

Included in the safety features are: Cross-Biased Reinforcing Cord That Reduces Weight while increasing strength; controlled growth to make the plug rise in the center and grow shorter to relieve the sidewall stress; most sizes have the flexibility to enter through a 24" opening; a space-age "spider weave" with ring insert impregnated in the head, allows the transfer of pressure to the spider ring rather the lid. This advancement assures a 2:1 inflation safety ratio.

All test-through and return hoses, as well as the inflation ...


Long All Rubber Pipe Plugs

The long AR is designed to be installed through a cleanout or floor drain and seal within the wye.

With a pressure rating of 15 psi, these plugs are excellent for use when pressure testing with air or water.

The long AR plug is supplied with a 36" extension hose and a removable zinc-plated chain and ring.


AR Pipe Plugs

The AR plugs, 1 1/4" - 6" Feature a zinc plated chain and ring. AR plugs have a test pressure rating of as much as 15 psi, air of water.


Multi-size Flow Thru Pipe Plugs

The multi-size flow thru's are built with the same patented designs as the multi and single-size domehead plugs.

The flow-thru plug goes one step further by offering a large bypass within the plug. The bypasses are ideal for doing a water test or sewer bypass. Flow-thru plugs are available with standard bypasses up to 8" NPT. 12" ordered.

The multi-size flow-thru's can be manufactured with nitrile or neoprene rubber and stainless steel components for use in chemical and petroleum.


Single & Multi Size Washing Balls

Single and multi-size washing balls are designed with diagonal ribbing along the periphery. This design, along with adequate head pressure, creates a jet of water, which causes a jetting action along the pipe walls. This jetting action will wash away packed sand, rock, grease, and other debris.

The multi-size washing ball is built with the same design and construction as the domehead plugs. These balls have a water fill port that allows the user to control the buoyancy. This feature enhances the performance of these products.

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