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Turbo Sets

Turbo Lift are designed to give you the "quick clear" capabilities under the new "incident management" regulations.The Turbo system will do bag jobs in less than half the time conventional systems have done in the past.


Original Jumbo Safelift Aircushion

Slope top cushion leans into the load, Comes with 3 foot extensions hose and industrial twist lock coupling also, has grip surfaces on top and bottom to eliminate sliding.

SQ90 Turbo

Turbo Jumbo Air Cushion

Slope top cushion, leans into load comes with 1 1/4" camlock fitting to increase air flow and make coupling of cushion to hose simple and easy. Also has grip surfaces top and bottom to help eliminate slip pale carry handles alone with.


Square Starter Cushion

36" x 36" x 18" (90 cm x 90 cm x 45 cm) low pressure cushion used for load shifts and starting to lift an over turned tractor trailer in order to get jumbo turbo cushions in place for uprighting.


Air Craft Recovery Flat Top Cushion

Designed with smooth top and grip bottom for use with aircraft recovery cushions can be purchased as turbo for quicker bag inflation.


Giant Tanker Cushions

Tanker cushions are designed to spread the load without spacing between cushions which keeps the lift at a more level, consistent lift through out the operation. Cushions can be purchased as turbo for quicker bag inflation and easier couple.

Valve Bank

Inflate/Deflate Valve Bank

Expandable to 10 valves and capable for use with either the original jumbo or turbo cushion systems. Legs extend up to 72" (180 cm) and have swivel feet attached for dealing with uneven terrain.


Air Compressor Assembly

Gast 6066 air compressor with 5hp Honda gas engine and cart with rubber wheels and handles which fold down for storage this assembly has both inflation and suction sides to the compressor so once it is running everything can be switched back and forth at the control stand.

30 Foot Turbo Hose

Jumbo/Turbo Safelift Cushions Accessories