MatJack has the only 5-year Unconditional Warranty in the Industry
  • Landing Bag set

    Two and three Landing bag sets available with all necessary accessories.  

  • landing bag

    Airbags designed to slow or remove inertia from casualty as it is uprighted. Designed like jump cushions to allow for rapid air release as weight increases giving better control than just straps or cables alone. Works at 1psi or less, requires constant air flow to remain inflated with a 40 ton capacity  

  • stihl blower

    Stihl high volume blower with custom Camlock adapter  and 2 position idle switch used for inflating and providing enough air for both 2 and 3 landing bag systems to work properly.

  • landing bag y

    Y connector made to not collapse and provide constant airflow during operation to all cushions in system. Made from PVC and 3" camlock fittings. 

  • Landing Bag Hose

    Connection hoses are 3" x 12'  with camlock fittings for snug fit with cushions and accessory parts