MatJack has the only 5-year Unconditional Warranty in the Industry
  • Underwater open lift bag

    An underwater lift bag is the only piece of diving equipment that can pay for itself each time it is used!

    Our underwater lift bags have one or more handles and tie-off points to make them easy to grasp and secure both in and out of the water.

    Our underwater lift bags are designed to be folded and rolled into compact, negatively buoyant rolls that are easy for the diver to handle and deploy underwater.

    The over-pressure valves on our underwater lift bags are designed to adequately vent the air from a fully charged bag on a free ascent for any depth. These bags are very versatile light-to-medium-duty lift bags. They are excellent for sport divers and are suitable for most types of underwater lifting an light salvage.

    All but the 25 and 50 pound bags have diver-actuated dump valves, and all are open at the bottom to vent expanding air as ascend. They are economical, lightweight, and fold into a neat, compact roll for easy handling underwater.

  • Underwater pillow bags

    Pillow Bags are totally enclosed, with over-pressure valves to vent expanding air as they ascend. The advantage of Pillow Bags over the Open Bottom Bags is that they are excellent for raising sunken boats, and for towing jobs. Like the Boulder Bags and the Ocean Salvage Tubes, all Pillow Bags come with brass quick-disconnect fillings attached to a short filler hose (connects to 1/4" pipe thread)

  • 10000lb salvage tube

    Salvage Tubes are highly versatile in the number of ways in which they can be deployed. They are excellent for pipe-laying and other underwater construction projects, but where Salvage Tubes really come into their own is when they are used in raising sunken boats. They can be used vertically to bring the boat out of deep water. When the boat is suspended near the surface they can be slung under the boat with one end on each side to raise the boat high enough out of the water to pump out. In shallow water, two bags can be slung together, one on each side of the boat, like pontoons.

  • Underwater boulder bag

    Boulder Bags derive their name from gold dredgers and nugget hunters who use them for lifting boulders in the shallow rivers of California's mother- lode country. They are designed to get a maximum amount of lift from a single lift-point in a minimum depth of water. For example, the 2000 pound Boulder Bag gets its total lift in less than 3 feet of water, whereas the 2000 pound Open Bottom Bag requires almost 8 feet of water. These bags are very durable and have been used as air jacks capable of exerting several thousand pound of force over a large area.

  • Underwater Propaller Bags

    These bags are specifically designed for installing and removing boat propellers, but they are well-suited for several shallow water lifting jobs. To stabilize the lift of a heavy prop, it is often necessary to lower its center of gravity by attaching a weight to its lowest blade.

  • Marker Bouy Bags

    These tall slender fluorescent yellow bags can be used with a rope to mark valuable finds on the bottom, or as lift bags for raising small items to the surface. The Personal Float is totally enclosed and has a one way flapper valve for easy filling with a regulator as well as with an oral inflator. Detachable 12"x 12" dive flag is optional.