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HoseCat II is a state-of-the-art tool to aid firefighters in the handling of STORZ hose couplings.

The HoseCat 1 hose coupling assist tool which allows one firefighter to uncouple or recouple NST couplings quickly and safely. HoseCat II for Storz-type couplings. Hosecat III for when you need both types on the same truck. When permanently mounted on the apparatus, the tool is at a safe working height, reducing the risk of injury.

All operations with HoseCat can be completed with bare or gloved hands. HoseCat is hinged and easily swings from the stowaway into working position. HoseCat II will accommodate popular Storz hose coupling sizes from either 4" or 5" diameter hoses.

The technological breakthrough of HoseCat now allows the proper tightening of hose couplings when loading hose beds and eliminates the need for two firefighters or two spanner tools to uncouple fire hoses. The stainless steel construction and durable design of the HoseCat will last indefinitely, allowing units to transfer it from their old apparatus to newly purchased apparatus for years of trouble-free use.
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